Hydrogen gaining traction as there is a global awareness of reducing carbon footprint


Hydrogen is increasingly used as an energy source for reasons of environmental protection.


Hydrogen can be produced from electrolyzer, biomass via synthesis gas. Depending on the method, the hydrogen pressure is at atmospheric pressure up to a maximum of about 435 psi. This gas is further compressed to a final pressure of 850 bar and stored in tanks in a two-step process.


H2 is an environmental-friendly gas for industry and is used in numerous applications:

• Fueling stations.
• As protective gas and coolant in the semiconductor industry and in research.
• In the food industry and in the preparation of the metal as a process gas in the production.
• Forklift Trucks.


Hydrogen Molecules
Hydrogen is being used increasingly as energy carrier for reasons of environmental protection


Technical advantages of HAUG Compressors

HAUG Hydrogen piston compressors have the best conditions for many hydrogen applications thanks to their oil-free, dry-running, and gas-tight design.

• No gas pollution by oil.
• Technically sealed, in operation or when stopped.
• Flexible regarding variable suction and discharge.


HAUG.Sirius NanoLoc Compressor



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