Customized Solutions

Sauer Compressors Canada provides our customers with a solution for any requirement, whether you are looking for a compressor block or a complete custom engineered compressor package.

Compressor Blocks

Replace an existing block, get a spare block for redundancy, or replace an existing block.

Skid Mounted Packages

Compressor, motor, demister, and controller wired and mounted to a skid for turn-key installation.

High Pressure Receiver Packages

Compressor, motor, controller, and mounted on a tank.

Filtration Assembly

Compressors supplied with filtration to meet any air or gas outlet quality requirement.

Gas Boosters

Gas boosters for air, nitrogen, helium, natural gas, argon, carbon dioxide (dry), and carbon monoxide.

Diesel Drive Compressors

Diesel compressors for installations going aboard vessels or in remote areas.  Hard crank diesel compressors for emergency compressed air during power outages or generator failures.

Sound Dampening Enclosures

Reduce noise pollution with sound dampening canopies.

Weatherproof Containers

Weatherproof container packages for outside installations exposed to the elements, great to save room in your facility, or mobility for applications on the go.