Sauer Compressors delivers top-of-the-line compressor systems for military applications.  In the Naval sector, we have established ourselves as the leading provider for high-pressure systems worldwide. Currently, 55+ navies worldwide rely on Sauer compressors. In addition to starting and working air, Sauer offers compressor solutions for land-based operations in a variety of defense contexts, e.g. at naval ports and air force bases and for ground troops.  These highly flexible Sauer compressor are available in a range of design options to meet your specific requirements.

Worldwide, Sauer Compressors Canada and J.P. Sauer & Sohn Maschinenbau GmbH currently supplies HPACs to:

  • 51 Navies
  • 186 Naval Programs
  • Over 1200 Naval Ships
  • Maintains 80% market share worldwide in naval applications
  • Maintains 30% market share worldwide in commercial shipbuilding applications