Booster and Gas Compressors

With more than 70 years of innovative design, Sauer Gas Compressors have long convinced customers of their worth in numerous fields of application for process engineering that requires high quality compressed gas or air. Experience and know-how make it possible as well as individually designed compressor packages. Today we offer 3- and 4-stage gas compressors for up to 7250 PSI in an extensive, and standardized, product range.

Models Operating Pressure Range Flow Rate
Mistral Series Boosters WP15L, WP22L, WP33L, WP45L, WP65L, WP33LB, WP65LB 150 to 580 PSI 6.9 to 140.0 SCFM
Passat Series Boosters WP151, WP271L, WP311L, WP156L, WP276L, WP316L, WP66L, WP126L, WP206L, WP81L, WP101L, WP121L 150 to 1150 PSI 39.0 to 178.0 SCFM
Hurricane Series Boosters WP4331, WP4341, WP4351 1750 to 5800 PSI 18.0 to 70.0 SCFM
Tornado Series Boosters WP3325, WP4325 2000 to 6090 PSI 6.0 to 18.0 SCFM
6000 Series Boosters WP6442, WP6305 200 to 7250 PSI 230.0 to 518.0 SCFM