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Simply dependable – and quality have been our guiding principles for over 130 years. Our customers know they can trust us to deliver. These principles guide us in the development and manufacturing of state-of-the-art high-pressure compressors, in our comprehensive service offering, and in staying customer-centric.

As one of the leading vendors in general ­industry, petro industry, commercial shipping and the defense sector, you will find us all over the world – and ready to serve you with reliable, high-quality products and ­services.

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Oil-Free Compressor Solutions for SF6

  Sauer Compressors Canada implements SF6 Solutions with Oil-Free Compressors   SF6 gas is a halogen compound, which as a greenhouse gas that has a very harmful effect on the environment. It can remain stable in the atmosphere for 3200 years. The greenhouse effect for SF6 is 23,900 times as large as for the same […]

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Solutions for Gas Recovery with HAUG Oil-Free Compressors

  Sauer Compressors Canada provides innovative designs and development for gas recovery applications.   For the protection of the environment and improvement of the energy efficiency the natural gas leakage coming from the main compressors stuffing boxes and/or shaft sealing is collected. A leakage gas recovery compressor is installed to compress the natural gas back […]

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Sauer Compressors Canada Helps to Reduce Costs in the Automotive Industry

  At Sauer Compressors Canada we value our client’s success and their capacity to take their service to a new level with our compressors. What started as a general discussion between our packager in Ontario and one of their clients, developed into a brand-new relationship with Sauer Compressors which helped them save time and money […]

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