Dependable up to 7,000 PSI –
anywhere, anytime, anygas.

Simply dependable – and quality have been our guiding principles for over 130 years. Our customers know they can trust us to deliver. These principles guide us in the development and manufacturing of state-of-the-art high-pressure compressors, in our comprehensive service offering, and in staying customer-centric.

As one of the leading vendors in general ­industry, petro industry, commercial shipping and the defense sector, you will find us all over the world – and ready to serve you with reliable, high-quality products and ­services.

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Sauer Compressors: Powering Modern Steelworks

In the dynamic and demanding environment of steel production, precision, durability, and efficiency are paramount. Sauer Compressors, with over 140 years of experience pioneering...

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Sauer Compressors at the Canadian Hydrogen Convention 2024

Sauer Compressors Canada was present at the Canadian Hydrogen Convention 2024, held at the Edmonton Convention Centre (Edmonton, AB) from April 23 to 25....

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How Sauer is Leading Maritime Innovation in Canada

In the vast and ever-evolving maritime industry, efficiency and sustainability are key drivers of technological progress. Sauer Compressors, with over 140 years of pioneering...

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