International shipping with its stringent requirements for quality and reliability is Sauer’s traditional area of activity.  Our starting and working air compressors have proven their reliability in this demanding market.  They are among the most modern and most economic compressors available today.

2-stage starting air compressors

Sauer’s 2-stage starting air compressors are among the most modern and low maintenance compressors available worldwide.  More than a thousand of these dependable compressors are delivered to Sauer customers every year–either as air-cooled Mistral or water-cooled Typhoon compressors.

3-stage air-cooled starting-air compressors

The low maintenance 3-stage air-cooled starting air compressors have been preferred for a long time by shipyards and ship-owners due to

  • Less temperature
  • Less maintenance cost
  • Less installation cost

Sauer Compressors Canada has partnered with Delta Marine Technik to expand our representation and ensure that shipowners and shipbuilders benefit from the knowledge and products offered by Sauer Canada. Delta Marine Technik supplies specialized marine equipment, carefully considering the requirements of the owner and considering the realities of construction and operation to ensure the best overall value. Learn more about Delta Marine Technik here.