Sauer Compressors Canada Helps to Reduce Costs in the Automotive Industry


At Sauer Compressors Canada we value our client’s success and their capacity to take their service to a new level with our compressors.

What started as a general discussion between our packager in Ontario and one of their clients, developed into a brand-new relationship with Sauer Compressors which helped them save time and money by switching from propane to CNG fueled tow motors using a SAUER CNG compressor.


Filling station inside the plant


The end user was using propane tow motors for several years. The typical set up like many other plants involves the tow motor operator to drive to the propane cylinder cage located outside the building, disconnect the hose, remove the empty cylinder, replace it with a full one that reconnects the hose, and drive back inside the plant. These activities involve time and every minute cuts down the productivity. In winter, this process gets even more complicated and strenuous because of the low temperatures such as -35 C°.

Our packager saw an opportunity at this plant for a cleaner, superior, and cost-effective solution, which it initiated the discussion with the operations personnel at management level.

Mostly all plants have a utility gas pipeline laid down for heating purposes, etc. This gas flows in at 3-4 psig. The proposal was to take advantage of this gas line and install a SAUER compressor package which could take an inlet of 3-4 psig and supply the CNG at a boost pressure of 2500 psig. Conceptual drawings and P & ID were prepared using Sauer Compressors.


SAUER CNG compressor


After few rounds of discussions, the end user decided to move forward as it appeared to be an apt solution for their set up with increased productivity and reduced time for filling. The SAUER compressor package was installed in a weather enclosure outside while the filing station was installed inside the plant. This gave a huge advantage to the operators not only in terms of not having to replace cylinders, but also reducing the filling time considerably. Not to forget about the convenience of the operator not having to drive outside. Although the end user had to invest a bit to change from propane to CNG, the long term results out won the current system.

For this project the advantages in converting to CNG tow motors greatly outweighed the current set up by:

– Reducing time for filling tow truck tanks

– Cleaner gas as compared to propane

– Convenience of filling within the plant

– No more rental fees


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