Sauer Compressors: Empowering Canada’s Natural Gas Industry

The Canadian natural gas market is growing rapidly, driven by new export opportunities and increasing investments. Canadian oil and gas firms are expected to boost spending by over 10% in 2024. This growth is supported by the completion of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion and the anticipated launch of Canada’s first significant liquefied natural gas (LNG) export facility in British Columbia by 2025. However, meeting Canada’s ESG goals requires the industry to adopt more stringent environmental standards and sustainable practices.

In this evolving landscape, the role of reliable and efficient compressors is crucial. Sauer Compressors Canada is at the forefront of this transition, providing cutting-edge solutions that support both the growth and sustainability goals of the natural gas sector. With over 125 years of expertise in air and gas compression, Sauer Compressors delivers reliable, innovative solutions designed to enhance operational efficiency, reduce emissions, and withstand the demanding conditions of natural gas extraction. By leveraging our extensive expertise and innovative offerings, Sauer Compressors Canada is committed to powering the future of natural gas in Canada.

Innovation in Natural Gas Extraction: Sauer’s High-Performance Compressors

Sauer Compressors are engineered to meet the rigorous demands of natural gas extraction, designed to operate in extreme conditions and boost operational efficiency. Our compressors play a critical role in various stages of natural gas extraction, including:

  • • Vehicle Filling Stations: Ensuring efficient and safe compression of natural gas for refueling vehicles, vital for the growing network of natural gas vehicles in Canada.
  • • Natural Gas Engine Testing: Providing consistent and reliable gas supply for testing and validation of natural gas engines, crucial for Canadian manufacturers and testing facilities.
  • • Pipeline Gas Injection: Delivering the necessary pressure to inject gas into pipelines, essential for distribution and storage across Canada’s vast distances.

Each model in our compressor lineup is tailored to meet specific needs within the natural gas industry:

  • • Levante Series: Optimized for vehicle filling stations, known for its robust construction and high reliability, meeting the demands of extreme Canadian weather conditions.
  • • Mistral Series: Ideal for natural gas engine testing, featuring a proven 2-stage, air-cooled design for minimal maintenance, suitable for Canada’s varied climates.
  • • Tornado Series: Designed for pipeline gas injection, ensuring precise and efficient delivery of natural gas, crucial for Canada’s extensive pipeline network.


SAUER CNG Compressors
SAUER CNG Compressors.


Advancing Natural Gas Extraction in Canada: The Role of Compressors

Sauer Compressors’ innovative designs have revolutionized natural gas extraction by enhancing efficiency and reducing downtime. Our compressors excel in challenging environments, offering unmatched performance and longevity.

  • • Durability: Built to withstand extreme temperatures and high-pressure conditions, our compressors ensure continuous operation in the harsh Canadian extraction environments.
  • • Efficiency: By utilizing advanced technology, our compressors reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs, contributing to more sustainable natural gas extraction.
  • • Reliability: With rigorous quality standards, our compressors provide consistent performance, minimizing the risk of unexpected breakdowns and production halts, crucial for the remote and harsh conditions often encountered in Canada.


Sauer Compressors: Sustainability through Technological Excellence

As the natural gas industry in Canada faces increasing pressure to improve sustainability, Sauer Compressors leads the way with solutions that promote environmental stewardship. Our compressors support the shift towards greener practices by enhancing energy efficiency and reducing emissions.

  • • Energy Efficiency: Designed to optimize energy use, our compressors contribute to lower operational costs and reduced carbon footprints, aligning with Canada’s environmental goals.
  • • Reduced Emissions: By supporting processes that minimize methane leaks and optimize gas compression, our compressors play a vital role in producing cleaner energy, important for Canada’s commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • • Innovation: Committed to environmental responsibility, Sauer Compressors continuously innovates to offer sustainable solutions without compromising on performance or safety, supporting Canada’s vision for a greener future.


The future of natural gas extraction in Canada is marked by growth and the need for sustainable practices. Sauer Compressors Canada is proud to drive this evolution, providing technical solutions which support the expanding and evolving natural gas market, including corporate ESG goals. Our comprehensive range of compressors and unparalleled support systems underscore our dedication to meeting Canada’s energy needs while meeting environmental goals. By offering reliable, efficient, and innovative compressor solutions, we help navigate the challenges of today and seize the opportunities of tomorrow, synergizing with Canada’s natural gas sector to achieve greater performance and sustainability.


About Sauer Compressors Canada

Sauer Compressors Canada specializes in medium and high-pressure air and gas compressors for applications in general industry, petro-industry, commercial shipping, and the defense sector in the Canadian market.

Sauer Compressors are the global leader in the market for medium and high-pressure compressors, with pressures up to 7,000 psi, rated for continuous duty, and tested in the most demanding conditions to provide true 24/7 reliability. In addition to standard products, we offer customized solutions for our customers, OEMs, and companies that operate on a global stage.

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